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The Email Marketing Speed Imperative

By Econsultancy,

How much impact does the ease and speed of use of email marketing technology have on email marketing success? That’s the question at the heart of the Email Marketing Speed Imperative study, published by Econsultancy in association with dotMailer.

Specifically, does the ease of use of a specific email marketing tool affect the daily practice of email – does time saved (or wasted) affect the bottom line? Across a number of measures, the findings of this research project suggest that the answer is yes.

The research also explores the following:

  • What is the dollar value of a faster-to-use email system in return on investment terms?
  • How is email list growth affected by the responsiveness of email technology?
  • How do most email marketers divide their time between nine key activities, and how should they be allocating it for maximum success?

The report is based on an online survey of more than 500 client-side and agency email professionals across a range of sophistication, company size and sector, conducted in the fourth quarter of 2013.  

Table of contents

  1. Introduction from dotMailer
    1. About dotMailer
    2. About Econsultancy
  2. Executive Summary
    1. Methodology
  3. Time at a Premium
  4. A Day in the Life: How should email marketers spend their time?
  5. Appendix: Respondent Profiles

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free sample is available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


  • Pdf SAMPLE: The Email Marketing Speed Imperative (1.15 MB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Email Marketing Speed Imperative (612 KB PDF)

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