Econsultancy has spent the last 20 years investigating the topic of marketing knowledge and the skills required from the modern marketer. In that time, Econsultancy has conducted multiple research studies and interviewed thousands of marketing leaders and practitioners about the human capabilities required for success.

Across these studies it became clear that that some of the most important requirements for modern marketing are not ‘skills’ at all, but instead ‘attributes’ like curiosity, customer centricity, creativity and commercial mindedness. Together, these and other qualities form what Econsultancy has come to call the Modern Marketing Mindset.

This report answers the following questions:

  • What is mindset and what is a ‘modern marketing mindset’?
  • What is the relationship between mindset and individual performance?
  • How can mindset underpin career success and broader organisation success?
  • How can a marketing mindset be cultivated?
  • What are the considerations for cultivating an organisational approach to mindset?

This guide explores in detail Econsultancy’s 10 Cs framework for building a Modern Marketing Mindset and how it will help marketers establish a powerful marketing mindset.