As economies reopen and populations adjust to the new rhythms of post-crisis life, marketers face a continued period of change. Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing report is designed to help marketers respond to the shifting consumer and competitive contexts by comparing their priorities and fears against those of their peers and informing strategic planning.

The fifth edition of the Future of Marketing report for 2023 is now available.

The 2021 edition of Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey brings together results from over 900 marketing professionals and interviews with industry experts to examine the trends shaping the industry over the next two years. It covers:

  • Post-crisis: The global Covid-19 pandemic dominated 2020 and its aftershocks are still being felt. It brought on a period of intense adaptation and accelerated digital transformation in an industry that is already characterised by change, so what might these adaptations mean for marketers now, in a time of recovery, and into the future?
  • Recovery: With 82% of marketers interviewed ‘very’ or ‘quite optimistic’ about the future of the industry, what predictions are these professionals making about the role of marketing post-crisis?
  • Data and insight: Amid shifting customer behaviours, data, analytics and measurement are essential. Beyond just the collection of data, how is the speed of translating data into actionable insight underpinning future success?
  • The future of measurement: How are marketers responding to the impending third-party cookie crackdown, and what alternatives are they exploring to take their place?
  • ‘The Learning Imperative’: Why those investing in the skills and human capabilities are best placed to adapt, innovate and thrive now and into the future.
  • Hybrid working: How can leaders best support marketing teams during the partial return to the office in order to avoid burnout or losing talent to ‘the great resignation’?