Marketers face continued change, with shifting priorities for data and measurement, unprecedented new technology and a renewed focus on the customer emerging during a period of global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and challenging economic conditions.

Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing report is designed to help marketers respond to shifting consumer and competitive contexts by comparing their priorities and fears against those of their peers to inform strategic planning.

The 2022 edition of Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey brings together results from more than 700 marketing professionals and interviews with industry experts to examine the trends shaping the industry over the next two years. It covers:

  • Future optimism: Marketers are still optimistic about the future of the industry despite low consumer confidence and record high inflation squeezing spending. What did respondents have to say about the ability of marketing to weather the current economic storm?
  • Impact on budgets: What are marketers’ budget allocation predictions for the next two years, and what does analysis of previous recessions reveal about organisations that invest in marketing during economic downturns?
  • Customer experience: How are marketers planning on meeting customer experience expectations, and what part could omnichannel maturity within organisations play?
  • The role of martech: With only a minority of respondents reporting their organisations’ tech stacks fully fit for purpose in meeting organisational objectives, what marketing tools are at the top of the list for adoption in the next two years?
  • Data and measurement: How is the move towards more data-driven decision making affecting marketers and their organisations, from readiness for the sunsetting of third-party cookies to filling the skills gap?
  • Emerging technology: With 2022 shaping up to be a year of technological breakthrough, from the boom in NFTs to discussion around the decentralised web, which technologies are already most in use, and which ones are top of the list for consideration?