In a marketing industry rocked by economic pressures, heightened customer expectations and groundbreaking new AI technology, change is one of the only constants, but optimism for the future abounds.

Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey is designed to help marketers respond to shifting customer and competitive contexts. By comparing their priorities and concerns against those of their peers, the report provides insights to help inform strategic planning.

The fifth edition of Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey brings together results from more than 800 marketing professionals and interviews with industry experts to examine the trends shaping the industry over the next two years. It covers:

  • Renewed optimism: Emerging from the long shadow of the pandemic, marketers are looking to the future once again having been previously bound to the here and now. What trends and themes surfaced as top concerns for marketers, and where are they channelling their budgets?
  • Finding a strategic balance: With a restored long-term outlook, how are marketers balancing short-term goals with longer-term objectives?
  • Measurement and data: Remaining a top priority, the accumulation and activation of data also continues to be a key challenge. What steps are brands taking to ensure they are getting the most value from their data, and which alternatives to third-party cookies are being considered?
  • The AI opportunity: With generative AI technology fuelling much of the optimism this year, what are the top use cases already being implemented across organisations, and what do marketers see as the main benefits and challenges of the technology?
  • People and skills: A recurring theme, the digital skills gaps remains a challenge facing many organisations. How can, and should, brands navigate this shortfall?