The Global Conversation report, produced in association with Lionbridge, explores how brands tell stories and engage with customers across borders and languages. It asks questions about the strategies, tools and processes necessary to balance overarching marketing priorities with local relevance.

The report is based on a survey of more than 325 international senior marketers based in North America, and focuses on the key differences between organizations leading the way, and those that follow.

Key findings

  • Leaders control global marketing through a hub and spoke model. There is a consistent thread in the approach of leaders; an emphasis on central government in concert with local talent.
  • Leaders use external partners differently from the mainstream. The mainstream relies on creative agencies for support across functions, but is significantly less likely to use translation/localization services than the leaders.
  • International marketing management is a significant challenge.
  • Understanding customer preferences is a key advantage of global leaders.
  • Leaders create content locally.
  • Leaders find the opportunity in trends.

The 31-page report discusses these and other findings, exploring the challenges and successes of companies who are managing global brands and campaigns.

The report is useful for all marketers who are running, or considering running global campaigns, giving them the tools they need to understand how best to approach global strategies, and educating them on how to effectively leverage existing resources to manage the associated content.