The Coronavirus outbreak is forcing marketers to adapt quickly. The current situation is testing the skills and mindsets marketers have. As the year progresses, they will also be tasked with driving recovery and growth. With so many challenges, how do organisations quickly and effectively create a system to support them?

Using Econsultancy’s “How Marketers Learn and “The Skills of the Modern Marketer, its senior vice president for research and content strategy Stefan Tornquist will identify what’s changed and what will endure. Managing Partner Paul Davies will bring a client lens to the session sharing examples of how agile organisations are responding right now.

The webinar covers what individual marketers can do today to protect their jobs, raise their career trajectory and take control in an uncertain time.

Areas covered in this session are: 

  • Why focus on learning now?
  • How is learning changing for a distributed and disrupted workforce?
  • What can leaders do immediately to have a positive impact on their teams skills and well being
  • Which are the skills marketers need to thrive and how can you develop them?


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