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The Internationalisation of E-commerce: A Best Practice Guide

By Econsultancy, Martin Newman,

Econsultancy's Internationalization of E-commerce Best Practice Guide will help beginners and experts alike to understand the common pitfalls in e-commerce internationalization and address key challenges.

The 52-page report, written by e-commerce consultant Martin Newman, comprehensively explores the complex issues associated with cross-border e-commerce, including pricing, shipping and legislation. The report discusses localization strategies, including how to tailor the user experience on the web site for local needs. 

The benefits companies will derive from reading this report include:


  • Answer all the necessary questions around the business model for internationalization
  • Manage internal expectations and set realistic expectations
  • Get the scope right and deliver a 'fit for purpose' solution
  • Future-proof solution
  • Deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Deliver a return on investment


  • Build credibility through having more relevant knowledge to impart around your clients' internationalization requirements.

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction
  2. About Econsultancy
    1. About the authors
  3. Executive summary
    1. Who is it aimed at?
  4. Market size and growth trends
    1. Assessing the opportunity
    2. Regional differences
      1. Online shopping experiences across Europe
      2. Preferred online payment methods
      3. What else is different about the non-UK/non-US consumer? 
    3. E-commerce outlook
    4. What's driving the growth?
    5. Where is the international e-commerce opportunity?
  5. Internationalization and localization of e-commerce
    1. Concepts and strategies
    2. Benefits and challenges of internationalization and localization
      1. Key benefits
      2. Key challenges
    3. The 11 Cs of e-commerce internationalization
    4. Approaches to internationalization 
    5. Brands with stronger localized propositions 
    6. Sources of information
  6. Considerations for expanding overseas
    1. Clarify the scope of opportunity 
    2. Choosing a strategy
    3. Strategic and operational challenges: a checklist
      1. Structure, strategy and day-to-day operational challenges
      2. Customer proposition challenges
      3. Technology and design challenges 
      4. Change management and capability transfer challenges
    4. Other practical operational challenges
      1. Tax and VAT issues
      2. Data protection/PCI/consumer rights issues
      3. Legal issues
      4. Marketing issues
  7. Platforms, content management and SEO 
    1. Which are the best platforms to deal with multicurrency/multilingual?
    2. Content management systems (CMS)
    3. SEO and content management
  8. Changing EU legislation
    1. Regulatory barriers to cross-border e-commerce

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free sample copy is available to download and outlines the full content within the document.


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