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The Multi-Screen Marketer

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About this report

The Multi-Screen Marketer addresses rapidly shifting consumer media consumption behavior. As devices get smaller and more powerful, our culture is shifting toward instant communication, immediate information gratification and multi-tasking. Consumers are viewing multiple streams of content simultaneously, across a plethora of devices, and brands are learning to chase them across the gaps. 

Brand planning and narratives that span tablets, smartphones, laptops, and televisions can create tremendous potential for engagement and sales; failure to adequately anticipate the ways people are interacting with the technology around them can lead to marketing and messaging that is ignored, or worse, out of touch.

This 30-page report, conducted in association with the IAB, examines a number of questions that are central to how advertisers and publishers answer this new evolution in media consumption.

Download to discover:

  • Common triggers of device switching
  • Where consumers are going when they switch
  • How multi-device users prefer to consumer social media
  • The online/offline media split for the multi-screen shopper
  • How device usage behavior differs by age
  • Penetration rates of different devices
  • How behavior changes with different device combinations
  • How consumers feel about their current devices in relationship to one another
  • Diffent levels of consumer engagement with different types of television programming
  • The impact of multiple device usage on brand recall 
  • And more...

Table of figures

Figure 1: Cloud – Television Watchers Favorite Activities (2 Screens)

Figure 2: Cloud – Television Watchers Favorite Activities (3 + 4 Screens)

Figure 3: Using Another Device While Watching Television

Figure 4: Using Second Device While Watching Television, 18-44 Year Olds

Figure 5: Chance of Using a Mobile Device to Take Action from Television Prompt

Figure 6: Percentage of Television Viewing on TV Set by Number of Devices Owned

Figure 7: Share of Television Viewing by Device – 2SCRNs

Figure 8: Share of Television Viewing by Device – 3SCRNs

Figure 9: Share of Television Viewing by Device – 4SCRNs

Figure 10: Share of Television Viewing by Device – 4SCRNs (18-44 years old)

Figure 11: Impact of Features Expected in Future Televisions

Figure 12: Likelihood of Using Social Media While Watching Television

Figure 13: Multi-screen Behaviors by Type of TV Program

Figure 14: Ranking of Program Types – Go Online (email, surf, etc.)

Figure 15: Ranking of Program Types – Social Networking Activity

Figure 16: Ranking of Program Types – Show Related Searches

Figure 17: Ranking of Program Types – Search/Shop for Products Viewed on Television While Watching

Figure 18: Ranking of Program Types – Search/Shop for Products Viewed on Television After Watching

Figure 19: How Consumers Become Aware of New Products and Services

Figure 20: How Consumers Prefer to Research New Products and Services 

Figure 21: How Consumers Prefer for Companies to Keep in Touch with Them

Figure 22: Recall of Brands Associated With “Favorite” Program

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary and Highlights
    1. Methodology
    2. Table of Figures
    3. About the IAB
    4. About Econsultancy
  2. I Like to Watch...and Eat...and Play...and Shop...
    1. Tablet Owners Are More Likely to Act
  3. Device Creep and Creepy Devices
    1. Share of TV Viewing Across Devices
    2. What Consumers Expect When They’re Connected
  4. Social Media is Solitary
  5. The Reality (Show) of Multi-Tasking
    1. Non Commerce-Related Activities by Type of Program
    2. Commerce-Related Activities by Type of Program
  6. The Multi-Screen Shopper
    1. Awareness, Research and Relationship – Multi-Screen Consumers Notice and (Sometimes) Prefer Digital
  7. Multi-Tasking Multi-Screeners Are Too Distracted to Recall My Brand, Right?
  8. Lessons of the Multi-Screen Consumer
    1. For Publishers
      1. Optimized: Phone | PC | Tablet | TV
      2. Complementary: Phone + PC + Tablet + TV
      3. Transferable: Phone <> PC <> Tablet <> TV
    2. For Advertisers
  9. Recommended Reading

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