The New Mobile Display Ecosystem Report, published in partnership with OpenX, explores the current mobile landscape, the implications for demand- and supply-side players, and the barriers to successful adoption of mobile monetisation approaches.

The report includes insights from key executives working for ad technology companies, agencies and publishers, as well as daily practitioners, to see where the mobile display ecosystem stands today and where it is going.

Today’s multi-screen environment has created big buzz phrases like ‘omnichannel marketing’ and ‘the customer journey’. In other words, brands need to reach consumers wherever they are, in various stages of the decision-making process for a purchase. Although publishers are starting to build competencies creating unique content and experiences across screens, it is still challenging to translate those efforts into mobile advertising revenue.

What you’ll learn

Despite the fact that the smartphone was invented over 20 years ago, mobile advertising is still in its infancy. But it is maturing quickly. As more and more time is spent on mobile phones, tablets and other portable connected devices, greater advertising dollars are following.

Some estimates have mobile display advertising comprising more than half of all digital display spending in just three more years (up from only 20% today). For publishers, getting mobile strategy right is almost a life or death decision.

This report will explore the following key questions:

  • What is the current state of mobile advertising?
  • What are the most innovative companies doing to monetise mobile content?
  • What are the best monetisation approaches?
  • What does the programmatic landscape look like in mobile?
  • What are the barriers to successful mobile monetisation strategy?


The report aims to provide an unbiased, balanced look at mobile display monetisation, aided by leading practitioners in the space. The author interviewed senior-level digital media and ad technology executives who provided detailed responses to a wide range of questions.

In addition, the author conducted extensive phone interviews with mobile thought leaders and drew upon his own previously conducted research. The opinions in this report are the author’s own and may not reflect the views of his employer or companies in which he holds equity.

Who should read this report?

This guide is aimed primarily at publishers who want to understand the new mobile landscape, the advertising technology driving innovation in the space and how smart content owners are monetising their properties.

Author and contributors

Chris O’Hara is the CRO and co-founder of Bionic Advertising Systems and the author of three Econsultancy best practice guides – Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising, Best Practices in Data Management and Programmatic Marketing: Beyond RTB, in addition to being a researcher and contributor to Econsultancy’s Data Management Platforms Buyer’s Guide. Chris is a well-known speaker at industry conferences and writes a monthly column about programmatic marketing and ad technology in AdExchanger.

The report features in-depth opinions from senior leaders in mobile marketing, publishing and ad technology from companies including:

  • Eugene Becker, SVP Product Management, eXelate
  • Tim Cain, Managing Director, Association of Online Publishers (AOP)
  • Nitin Chitkara, Director, Mobile Product Marketing, Rocket Fuel
  • Sam Finlay, Head of Digital Advertising, IPC Media
  • Russell Glass, CEO, Bizo
  • Brennan Hayden, VP Mobile, [x+1]
  • Nick Illobre, Associate Director, Media Platforms, Merkle
  • Rob Kramer, General Manager, Mobile, OpenX
  • Kalyan Lanka, VP Product Management, Lotame
  • James Lamberti, VP & General Manager, AdTruth
  • Andrea Marsh, Digital Director, Factory Media
  • Tara Marsh, VP Business Development, WPP Digital
  • John Sherrod, COO, BlueCava
  • Christopher Skinner, Managing Partner, MakeBuzz
  • Neil Sweeney, President & CEO, JUICE Mobile
  • Evan Woock, National Sales Manager, Pinger