This report on marketing unification, sponsored by Tealium, looks at the path to simplifying the corporate data puzzle by unifying the applications that power modern marketing. The Path to Unified Marketing Report is based on a survey of 313 client-side marketing organizations in Q2, 2014. It examines the state of the industry, challenges to progress and the factors in successfully pursing a marketing unification strategy.

Issues with data quality, reliability and the number of data sources, combined with gaps in skills and strategy, are all explored in the report. The quest for the ‘single customer view’ is explored, together with the state of the industry, and the benefits and challenges of a data unification program.

Key findings from the report

  • The majority of respondents report issues with data fragmentation, and this, combined with skills gaps results in fewer than 20% of respondents saying they have a strong capability in viewing and using data from their marketing channel applications.
  • A lack of data tools and proficiency in using them is highlighted as a barrier to acheiving the single customer view.
  • Those with a unification initiative are shown to be better at using data to prove ROI, and at turning data into insights and action.
  • In positive news, the majority of companies either have a plan to consolidate data, or are already doing this.

Features of the report

The 20-page report aims to identify the key trends surrounding the current state of marketing unification, the benefits of unification, and the challenges to acheiving it.

The methodology involved surveying client-side marketers between April and May 2014.