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The Real-Time Customer Experience

By Jeff Rajeck,

Harnessing the power of data and personalisation



In marketing, it seems like there are new techniques emerging constantly – yet many of these vanish as quickly as they appeared. Real-time marketing, however, is one which seems to remain relevant – why is that? In this report, we aim to answer that question.

The Real-Time Customer Experience report, produced in partnership with IBM, attempts to demystify the world of real-time marketing and explain how it can form part of your marketing ecosystem.

This report, written by Jeff Rajeck, looks at the opportunities afforded by data and personalisation in the context of real-time marketing, while also offering a glimpse of the future with South-East Asia case studies from forward-thinking brands who are already capitalising on these techniques.

What you'll learn

  • What real-time marketing is and what it means to your customers, your company and finally to marketers themselves.
  • What the inputs and output factors of real-time marketing are. The input factors and outputs are defined by more than the creativity of the marketers; they are also heavily influenced by a new generation of consumer technologies and marketing platforms, both covered in the report.
  • Some real-time marketing quick wins to help put the input factors and outputs in context.
  • How a deeper dive into your marketing systems, the talent you have onboard and even how you plan your campaigns will be required to get the most out of this new approach to marketing.

Along the way, we provide many examples and ideas to give the topic some real context and to illustrate what is now possible. We follow up with some South-East Asia case studies and then conclude with predictions about where the technologies and the craft of real-time marketing are headed.

So for those unfamiliar with the topic there is plenty of ground-level discussion and prescriptive advice here. For those with more experience in real-time marketing, there are new ideas and case studies to keep your idea mill running.


The report features in-depth opinions from senior digital marketers and ecommerce professionals working for brands that are based or have operations in South-East Asia, including aCommerce, American Express, AXA and SCB Life Assurance.

Contributing Authors


Jeff Rajeck

Digital Strategy, Blake Dair

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Jeff is the digital strategist for Blake Dair – a Singapore-based recruitment company – where he advises on digital presence, social and search ad campaigns, and digital audience building and retention.

Previously, Jeff ran his own consultancy which provided SEO, SEM, social and analytics consulting for many MNCs in Singapore. He also trained staff from the Singapore Exchange, Standard Chartered Bank, and hedge funds on analytics.

His background is in information systems which included 10 years of managing a team of analysts at Thomson Reuters.

Jeff also regularly hosts roundtables and writes about digital marketing, analytics, and statistics for Econsultancy (

Table of contents

1. Introduction

  • About Econsultancy
  • About the author

2. Foreword by IBM

3. What is real-time marketing?

4. What real-time marketing means to customers

5. Real-time marketing: the company’s perspective

6. What does real-time marketing mean for us, the marketers?

7. How to get started with real-time marketing

8. Case studies

9. Potential issues

10. Where is real-time marketing headed?


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