The explosion of new engagement platforms and technologies, and our increasing ability to track and connect interactions, has significantly shifted the focus of marketers towards multichannel marketing over the last few years.

How much of multichannel marketing is a dream versus a distraction? According to executives interviewed for this report and industry research conducted across a wide range of sources, most brands seek multichannel proficiency but few so far claim they have achieved it.

Many are increasingly discovering that by focusing on a pivotal channel around which their multichannel radiates, greater control can be achieved. Email is rapidly becoming the top choice to fulfil that role.

This report is based on in-depth interviews with senior marketing and ecommerce professionals about multichannel marketing within their organisations. Challenges, opportunities and best practices within marketing and sales in their respective industries were discussed and the extent to which multichannel can be refined.

Key findings from the report

  • Many medium-sized companies are not yet sophisticated enough to use the email channel as powerfully as they could.
  • Silos remain a hindrance: even where the number of silos has been reduced, there may still be too many, particularly where data is siloed.
  • Email can be advanced further in the case of automation. It is the most effective communication channel to automate based on users’ website and purchase behaviour.
  • Legacy technology is hamstringing smaller companies that have only sanctioned enough budget to improve one platform at a time.
  • As customer-centricity becomes increasingly important, multichannel components such as mobile-optimised websites, comprehensive and integrated CRM for contact centres and a mature social presence cannot be ignored.

Who should read this report?

This report is aimed and brands and organisations who are carrying out multichannel marketing, or those who want to know more about it. It contains trends and best practice advice from industry experts and practitioners for those wanting to turn those insights into actionable objectives for your multichannel marketing strategy.