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The Retailer's Imperative

By Stefan Tornquist,

A Strategic Approach to Customer Experience


"Our customer experience is our brand". The vast majority of respondents to the Customer Experience Management Survey agree with that simple and powerful statement. Retailers are past the stage of debating the importance of customer experience management. Now they have to master it. 

Mastery of the customer experience (CX) is a challenge with many facets. Retailers are overwhelmed by the data technology and understanding of a customer journey that is increasingly complex. 

The report, conducted in partnership with SDL, aims to explore the state of customer experience strategy within digital marketing in North America, and the challenges and barriers preventing marketers from effective CX management. 

Key findings:

  • The multitude of online and offline touchpoints require true integration of systems and technologies to ensure a consistent experience.
  • Customer experience is the path to higher profit.
  • Prioritizing and investing in mobile over the past 24 months has paid off - over 50% now have a 'strong understanding' of the mobile user experience.
  • The future of customer experience is consistency with the addition of personalization.

Who should read this report?

This report is primarily aimed at retailers who are setting out, optimising, or auditing their customer experience strategies. It is equally of relevance to those who are interested in the state of customer experience within the retail industry.

Contributing Authors

Stefan Tornquist

Vice President, Research, Econsultancy

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Stefan Tornquist is the vice president of research for Econsultancy in New York. His team covers a wide range of digital marketing topics from tactical best practices to strategic transformation. Stefan’s research and commentary have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and AdAge, as well as virtually every trade press outlet.

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Foreword by SDL

3. Integrated technology and the managed customer experience

4. Where customer experience meets the customer

5. Customer experience management; implementation and strategy

6. Appendix: Respondent Profiles


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