The Rise of Marketing Technologists report, produced by Econsultancy in association with IBM Marketing Cloud, is based on a survey of almost 450 marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals based in Australia and New Zealand.

The report, which aims to sum up the state of marketing technology in the region, looks at the extent to which companies value marketing technology, how they use various technologies, and their current and future marketing technology priorities.

What you’ll learn from this research

The report reveals marketers’ technology priorities for the next 12 months, while exploring the extent to which companies are committed to investing in various technologies, the areas they are focusing their investment on, and the challenges they face in using marketing technology more effectively.

Key trends featured in the report: 

  • A positive outlook for marketing technology
  • The CMO is still the decision maker
  • The majority of companies have integrated their marketing technology
  • Email is still the most invested in and most important marketing technology
  • Content-related technologies aren’t far behind email
  • Social media technologies are popular, but not seen as critical
  • Companies are more likely to invest in easy-to-use technology
  • Marketing automation and multivariate testing best for ROI
  • Technology doesn’t yet help with budget decisions or profitability
  • Organisational issues are a significant barrier to effective use of marketing technology
  • Overall, the future is bright for marketing technology

Features of the report

This 39-page report looks in detail at spending trends across a range of marketing technologies and investment priorities for the next 12 months. It explores the following areas:

  • The strategic care for investing in marketing technology
  • Skills and understanding
  • Role and influence of key decision makers
  • Current technology priorities
  • Criticality versus ease of use
  • Return on investment
  • How organisations rate their use of marketing technology
  • Barriers to effective use of marketing technology
  • Looking ahead: investment in marketing technologies

Who should read this report?

The report is essential reading for both in-house marketers and agency professionals based in Australia and New Zealand, as well as those outside the region who want to understand how marketing technology investment is evolving in these countries.