This refreshed report on the ROI of Tag Management, in association with Tealium, explores how these small pieces of code play an important role in the efficiency and success of digital marketing.

The report is the result of an online survey fielded in January 2015 and taken by 311 digital marketers in North America familiar with their organisation’s use of tags.

It confirms that vendor tags sit at the heart of digital business and marketing, highlighting the growing number of technologies that digital marketers are deploying, and the critical role that tag management plays in successfully leveraging and managing those technologies.

Who should read this report?

This report is aimed at all those organisations that are using tags on their websites, whether they are implemented manually or through the use of a tag management system. It is also relevant to those interested in the state of the tag management industry.

Findings include:

  • 86% of respondents agreed that “Effectively managing website tags is fundamental to digital marketing“.
  • Tag Management Solutions save time and money. The majority see reduced costs associated with tagging, and find it significantly less expensive.
  • TMS give marketing control, and free up IT/Tech resources.
  • The time to market is shorter, with more than three quarters of respondents recognising an improvement in their ability to run marketing campaigns.