In today’s world of multichannel shopping, CRM increasingly means combining digital, mobile and social data together with data tracked or projected from traditional touchpoints – which is no mean feat.

While some businesses claim they are doing a good job of joining up traditional offline data with online, the reality is that most are lacking the know-how and infrastructure to do this properly.

The proliferation of data silos and fragmented team structures means that the goal of being able to identify individual customers to a granular level and target them with personalised content and experiences is, for many companies, as elusive as it’s ever been.

The Role of CRM in Data-Driven Marketing report, produced in partnership with Sociomantic Labs, investigates the extent to which marketers are using CRM data to plan and optimise their marketing. It also looks to assess the current impact CRM is having upon email, display advertising, social advertising, websites and customer journeys in particular.

The report features in-depth opinions from senior-level executives working within ecommerce, digital and marketing departments, from companies including AllSaints, Camelot,, Occam,, Skipton Building Society, Sole Society, TalkTalk, UK grocery retailer and Patron Direct.

What you’ll learn

  • Why is CRM important?
  • Where does CRM sit within the organisation?
  • What role does CRM play in cross-channel marketing?
  • What types of CRM segmentation and personalisation are being used for online marketing?
  • Which CRM technology and tools are businesses choosing to invest in?
  • How is customer lifetime value (CLV) being measured?
  • How does having a CLV strategy benefit CRM?
  • What are the main challenges with CRM?
  • What are the future trends and predictions for CRM?

Who should read this report?

This report is for anyone interested in CRM, in particular brand marketers who are just about to, or have already started using CRM as part of their data-driven advertising.