The Sales Organization of the Future Report, outlines how the confluence of economic pressures, the mainstreaming of social media, mobile technology and a general need to refocus on the customer will radically change the sales landscape over the next 10 years. The 14-page report explores how a value-added services company can maintain an effective and efficient salesforce, using the right technologies to allow them to influence their customers.

The report addresses four major questions which companies looking to reinvent their sales processes need to ask. These questions are linked to relatively recent paradigm shifts that have materially changed the way in which consumers buy and the way in which organizations need to function.

  1. How to transform a product-oriented company into a value-added services company
  2. How to reduce the sales force and render salespeople to be more effective and efficient
  3. Where and how to influence most effectively customers
  4. What are the right technologies to be embedding into the sales process?

About the authors

Minter Dial, President of The Myndset Company, is a professional speaker and consultant specialized in brand strategy and digital marketing, with blue chip international companies, such as Samsung, BNP-Paribas, PPR and Orange. Prior to the Myndset, Minter led a 16-year international career with the L’Oréal Group. In his last post with L’Oréal, Minter was a member of the worldwide Executive Committee of the Professional Products Division, responsible for Business Development, education, e-business (ecommerce, internet, intranet…) & communication.

Previously, Minter was Managing Director of the Canadian subsidiary and General Manager worldwide of the brand, Redken, 5th Ave NYC. For inquiries and engagements, Minter can be reached via email at Minter Dial. Come follow him at @mdial on Twitter or join his (new) network on Facebook.

Eric Mellet – Building on a wealth of experience in sales and sales management in France, Eric Mellet took on wider responsibilities as European Zone Director for the launch of the Redken NYC 5th Avenue and Matrix brands. Today, he is the Sales & Education Development & Training Director for the L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division (L’Oréal’s B2B2C structure). He created the Matrix Sales University in 2005, followed more recently by the L’Oréal Sales Academy, with the aim of professionalizing sales teams and organizations, and to support the management of a change to an ever more client-centric model.

Minter Dial and Eric Mellet previously co-wrote The Brand University, which was initially published on the BrandChannel and has been republished, translated and quoted in dozens of publications across the world.

Table of contents

  1. About Econsultancy
    1. About the authors
  2. The Sales Organization of the Future
    1. The Context
    2. What will determine winning B2B sales organizations in the future?
      1. Problem solver
      2. Value added support
      3. Channeling the conversation
    3. The new roles of the future salesperson
      1. Information funnel?
      2. E-socialite?
      3. Coach and train?
      4. Warm caller?
      5. Co-innovator?
    4. Consequences for the organization
      1. Social sales
      2. Sales management
      3. Virtual sales meetings?
      4. Distance working (or telework)
      5. Sales as a team (SAAT)
      6. Blended sales
      7. IT
    5. Human Resource Challenges
      1. Profiles and skills
      2. The Gen Y salesperson
      3. Elearning
    6. Technology questions
      1. Working in the cloud
      2. Payment
      3. Reporting
      4. Mobility
      5. Return on investment