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The SoDA Report: Digital Marketing Outlook, 2013

By SoDA in collaboration with Econsultancy US,

There is a newer version of this report available: The SoDA Report: Digital Marketing Outlook, 2014


For the second year in a row, we've partnered with the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) to produce its Digital Marketing Outlook report, attracting 814 respondents to our survey, a 25 percent jump from last year. Of the participants, more than 84 percent were key decision makers and influencers, counting CMOs, VPs, and directors among the ranks.

They identified which regions are driving business revenue, told us about the growing number of innovation labs, and gave frank self-assessments of their digital savvy, along with a host of other surprising and not-so-surprising news. These responses provided real context for SoDA-derived insights about important changes reshaping the marketing landscape.

These findings are spread throught the report's five sections:

  1. Industry Insider, which includes fascinating views on the psycho-dynamics of experience design and agency ecosystems that work.
  2. Modern Marketers, which touches upon the so-called "Age of Agile" and the top 7 marks of a great client, authored by our own Stefan Tornquist, VP of research at Econsultancy.
  3. Tech Talk, which explores interface challenges and multiscreen lifestyles, among other topics.
  4. People Power, which tells us why the next killer app is human and why improv skills may very well trump eye-catching resumes.
  5. Advocacy, which covers the copyright ladder of abstraction and pushes for consumer advocacy, among other well-deserving issues.

About SoDA

SoDA is an international association of respected digital marketing leaders and entrepreneurs with a history in and a vision for the future of marketing. It remains an extremely selective group of the world's preeminent companies with digital DNA. Membership includes 60 leading digital agencies and elite production companies with offices in 24 countries on five continents.


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