The Tension in B2B Customer Experience Management report, published by Econsultancy in association with SAP Hybris, explores the extent to which B2B organizations address the challenge of improving the customer experience and how well equipped they are for the omnichannel future.

The research is based on a global survey of over 220 senior leaders at B2B companies spanning a range of industries.

What you’ll learn

The research suggests that while most in B2B recognize the importance of better satisfying buyers, there are significant obstacles to be overcome, some of which are self-imposed:

  • Business customers with consumer expectations. B2B companies are coming to realize that they’re not immune to the digital revolution in how people find, research and buy their products. However, only 16% say that they’ve achieved a CX that’s on par with the best B2C experiences.
  • B2B sets a low bar for customer experience strategy. A focus and reliance on strategy is a key difference between leaders in providing a great customer experience and their peers. While 58% of respondent companies believe that they have practical and visionary guidance for these initiatives, the reality is that most are lacking some of the fundamentals of an effective strategy.
  • Top ecommerce goals are mismatched with customer priorities. Time and again, we find a tension between the overarching goal of an improved customer experience and the day-to-day decisions being made. For example, when asked to evaluate their ecommerce platforms as they relate to customer experience, respondents tend to emphasize capabilities that are vital, but largely invisible to the end user.

Features of the report

This 34-page report digs into the struggles and successes of B2B customer experience, looking at the extent to which B2B organizations understand the business buyer’s journey and the ways in which they are using technology to create compelling experiences. It explores the following areas:

  • The role of strategy in customer experience
  • Priorities and platforms
  • Challenges to building a great B2B commerce experience
  • Data, technology and knowledge
  • Content and customers – understanding the business buyer’s journey
  • Building your CX of the future