The Top 100 Disruptive Brands report identifies companies that are challenging traditional ways of thinking and defining the future of business.

In collaboration with Marketing Week, we’ve looked far and wide to curate a list of 100 disruptive brands that goes beyond the usual suspects.

The list is not meant to be definitive. We aimed to include companies that represent the revolutionary spirit within business. They might have developed an entirely new business model, created an innovative and exciting product, or put themselves at the forefront of a new digital trend.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of examples of those that are speaking directly to the needs of marketers. In some cases, offering solutions to needs that you didn’t know you had.

You might also note that it doesn’t include some of the better known disrupters. Their story is already well told.

By selecting a list of relatively new and still unknown-to-many brands from a deep and wide pool we aim to do two things:

  • Provide you with intelligence about brands that could well be about to shake up your sector.
  • Offer you some inspiration from those making waves.

From drone manufacturers to online football fan networks, from sustainable retailing to data innovators and wearable technology, there’s plenty of intelligence, inspiration and information you can learn from.