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Survey Reports

Usability and User Experience Report 2007

This 64-page report about usability and user experience, sponsored by behavioural research consultancy Bunnyfoot, is based on an online survey of more than 700 respondents carried out in May 2007.

Best Practice Guides

Online Retail: Checkout Special

Information and advice surrounding online checkouts, including Design Patterns, Recommendations and References.

Buyer's Guides

Content Management Systems (CMS) Buyer’s Guide 2007

A great resource for buyers trying to understand what CMS technologies are on offer in the UK. The report contains market research and trends, plus tips to help find the right web content management (WCM) supplier.

Survey Reports

UK Affiliate Census Report 2007

The UK's thriving affiliate community represents an important group of internet marketers who collectively generated more than £2 billion in e-commerce sales during 2006. Yet despite their contribution to the growth of internet retail, remarkab...

Trend Briefings

Affiliate Marketing Roundtable Briefing, October 2006

This 10-page briefing is a summary of an Econsultancy roundtable on affiliate marketing (free access). The document contains a write-up of the discussion, an overview of UK affiliate marketing, the latest e-commerce statistics and a section on ...

Buyer's Guides

Affiliate Marketing Networks Buyer's Guide (2006)

The definite guide to the UK affiliate marketing industry, with profiles of the leading networks, the latest market trends and advice for buyers. A 2009 version is available.

Trend Briefings

New Technologies - Roundtable Briefing, May 2006

Notes from a recent roundtable on New Technologies, where we discussed opportunties for marketers to make use of the likes of RSS, AJAX, Pay-per-Call and Demographic Targeting. You need to register (for free, takes 30 seconds) to access this fr...

Trend Briefings

Shopping Comparison - Roundtable Briefing, May 2006

Notes from a recent roundtable on Shopping Comparison, where we discussed the latest trends and issues in the sector, which is growing 30% a year according to the latest Econsultancy estimates. You need to register (for free, takes 30 seconds) ...

Best Practice Guides

Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006

E-commerce has come a long way since we published our first Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks study. So what do online, offline and multichannel retailers need to know about the consumer internet habits in 2006?

Learning Support Material

E-consultancy Newsletter Interviews 2005

Published once a week, the E-business Briefing is distributed to 19,000 internet marketing professionals around the globe. It is free and available to non-subscribers. The newsletter includes an in-depth interview with an internet industry thou...