Digital Marketing Templates

Digital Marketing Template Files

Need help with an area of digital marketing? Econsultancy’s Template Files provide over 40 core, customisable documents that range from social media and paid search through to affiliate marketing and usability. An invaluable resource for anyone, at any level.

Digital Marketing Templates

Social Media and Online PR – Digital Marketing Template Files

Social media and online PR are constantly expanding and evolving. These customisable Econsultancy templates will help you get to the core of understanding and creating successful campaigns in these areas.

Trend Briefings

Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Trends and Predictions for 2014 (Mandarin version)

Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein gives his trends and predictions for digital marketing and ecommerce for 2014. Download this free report (translated to Mandarin) containing almost 40 pages of digital trends, analysis and predictions across the 10 core digital topics that Econsultancy covers. Feel free to share the report around as long as it is kept unedited and unchanged in any way. 

Event Presentations

Digital Cream Singapore 2012 Presentations

Two keynote presentations from Econsultancy's Digital Cream Singapore 2012 event on 29th November 2012, where Asia's most senior client-side digital marketers gathered to discuss and explore the latest best practices on e-marketing procurement, business cases, investment, ROI, and suppliers selection. Delegates also discussed their future online stratgies and compared them with like-minded peers.

Business Cases

Social Media & Online PR Business Case

Need to convince your boss that social media is right for your company? Do you need to make an investment in Online PR but want to make sure you spend your budget in the best possible way? Our Business Case can help by providing research, tips and information from the experts.

Digital Marketing Templates

Social Media Measurement - Digital Marketing Template Files

Measuring social media activity can be difficult. Here, Econsultancy has created a customisable template to help you focus on key metrics.

Digital Marketing Templates

Social Media and Online PR Strategy Guidelines - Digital Marketing Template Files

How do you begin establishing a social media strategy? This document will help you assess and understand the various ways of engaging with social media in relation to your company's overall objectives.