Below are the reports we have related to digital strategy and planning. This includes broader digital strategy challenges and issues as well as specific topics like digital budgets, digital marketing planning, digital skills, governance, team structures and so on.

Survey Reports

Online Customer Engagement Report 2007

This 63-page report, sponsored by cScape, is essential reading for organisations striving for effective Customer Engagement and the best possible Customer Experience. Increased use of digital channels by consumers has pr...

Trend Briefings

Email Marketing - Roundtable Briefing, October 2006

This 10-page briefing is a summary of an Econsultancy roundtable on email marketing (free access). The document contains a write-up of the discussion, an overview of the UK email market, the latest statistics and a section on useful resources. ...

Buyer's Guides

Email Marketing Buyer's Guide 2006

An invaluable resource for those investigating the market for email service providers, with profiles of leading UK ESPs. This extensive guide also covers trends affecting email and tips and pitfalls for buyers.

Best Practice Guides

Charity Website Benchmarks 2006

[Editor's Note: view our updated 2007 Charity Website Benchmarks Report for the most recent figures on UK charity websites.] The internet is a perfect medium for fundrai...

Trend Briefings

New Technologies - Roundtable Briefing, May 2006

Notes from a recent roundtable on New Technologies, where we discussed opportunties for marketers to make use of the likes of RSS, AJAX, Pay-per-Call and Demographic Targeting. You need to register (for free, takes 30 seconds) to access this fr...

Trend Briefings

Shopping Comparison - Roundtable Briefing, May 2006

Notes from a recent roundtable on Shopping Comparison, where we discussed the latest trends and issues in the sector, which is growing 30% a year according to the latest Econsultancy estimates. You need to register (for free, takes 30 seconds) ...

Best Practice Guides

Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006

E-commerce has come a long way since we published our first Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks study. So what do online, offline and multichannel retailers need to know about the consumer internet habits in 2006?

Trend Briefings

SEO Roundtable Briefing, April 2006

This is an overview of what we discussed at our last roundtable on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It highlights current trends and issues, with input from industry experts and professionals on both the agency and client side. Subjects cov...

Trend Briefings

User Experience & Usability - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006

Roundtable notes from last week's insightful event on user experience and usability. A whopping 8 pages long and free to everybody... Subjects covered: 1. User experience and wider business objectives 2. User experience measurement and metr...

Best Practice Guides

Winning New Work: A Business Development Guide for UK Digital Agencies & Consultants

A 58-page guide for UK Digital Agencies and Consultants on how to win more work through effective business development. There is now a 2009 version available.