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Travel Website Benchmarks 2007

By Adam Goodvach and Chris Lake,

About this Guide

This Travel Website Benchmarks report has been compiled to give those responsible for operating and building websites in the travel sector an insight into global best practice. By taking elements of tourism-related Customer Experience Benchmarks and bringing examples of best practice from current websites, this report should stimulate ideas on how a website can be adapted to provide a better customer experience. No reader is likely to agree with all the opinions contained in this report but its value will be in initiating a discussion about what best practice is from the customer’s perspective.


The Customer Experience Benchmarks covered in this report include:
• Travel Agent Customer Experience Benchmarks (830+ Criteria)
• Airline Customer Experience Benchmarks (640+ Criteria)
• Car Rental Customer Experience Benchmarks (360+ Criteria)
• Hotel Aggregators Customer Experience Benchmarks (380+ Criteria) The term for what is sold by each type of tourism website is referred to throughout as a ‘Travel Product’. This generic term encompasses the whole range of travel products sold including holiday packages, airline tickets, rental cars and hotels rooms whether they are booked from a website dedicated to that product (i.e. a hotel aggregator) or a website selling multiple products (i.e. an airline website which also sells hotel rooms). The report focuses on the process of searching, deciding on and purchasing a travel product. These elements are the most fundamental for tourism websites.


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