June 2017 saw our talented digital doctors explore the challenging issues surrounding personalisation and relevant content, attempting to give you some pointed relief from your long-tolerated personalisation pains.

This, our third Therapy Thursday session, allowed you, our beloved Econsultancy subscribers, to pose a vast array of questions to our panel of experts.

Chief Therapist (‘Doctor’) Andrew Warren Payne (Industry Analyst and Content Partner at Econsultancy) and Consulting Therapist Ian Truscott (Global VP Marketing at Censhare) attempted to remedy a plethora of issues such as:

  •    The degree to which a successful personalisation strategy is attributable to a creative team (vs available data).
  •    Whether a segmented experience should be first strived for (with one-on-one personalisation coming subsequently).
  •   The challenges GDPR may perhaps present to personalisation.

Should you require any further treatment, please consult the full Personalisation and Relevant Content Report (available to download)