Best Practice

Twitter for Business

By Aliya Zaidi, Econsultancy,


Author: Aliya Zaidi 

Pages: 90

Features: Best practice information and advice for brands and organizations using Twitter.

About this Guide

This report is aimed at companies and individuals who are thinking of joining Twitter and want to find out more about the social platform, as well as people who are currently using Twitter and want a deeper understanding of best practice.

For companies thinking about joining Twitter, the report helps you to understand the value of the platform, why it’s useful, and how it can be used for business. And for those companies who already have a Twitter presence, the report helps you to optimize your Twitter activity, understand what works, and how you can measure and define success.

The 90-page document covers best practice tactics, including statistics and case studies, as well as practical tips for getting started with Twitter and how to engage with your followers. It also includes the findings of consumer research conducted by Econsultancy and Toluna.

By reading our best practice guidelines, we’ll help you to get the most value from the social platform by understanding Twitter etiquette and avoiding common Twitter mistakes.

The following areas are covered within the guide:

  • Twitter statistics
  • The business case for Twitter
  • How to get started
  • How to engage on Twitter
  • Twitter case studies
  • Promoted trends and advertising
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Resources and further reading 


  1. Introduction
    1. About this report
    2. About Econsultancy
    3. Contributors
  2. Twitter statistics
    1. Econsultancy / Toluna Twitter consumer research
    2. Twitter usage
    3. Twitter for business
  3. The business case for Twitter
    1. Should you be on Twitter?
    2. Is Twitter for everyone?
    3. How can businesses use Twitter and what are the benefits?
  4. Getting started
    1. Using an agency to manage Twitter vs in-house
    2. Monitor Twitter first
    3. What sort of keywords should you be monitoring?
    4. Twitter search operators
    5. What type of account is right for your brand?
    6. Setting up a profile
    7. Attracting followers
    8. Best practice for auto-tweeting and direct messaging
  5. The rules of engagement
    1. General rules
    2. The power of the retweet
      1. Increasing your retweets
    3. Lists
    4. Third-party tools
      1. Top 25+ tools for Twitter
      2. Setting up Tweetdeck
    5. Spam
      1. How to spot a spammer
      2. Brand hijacking
  6. Twitter case studies
    1. Best Buy and Twelpforce
    2. First Direct
    3. Zappos
    4. ABB instrumentation
    5. SEOMoz / Smashing Magazine
  7. Promoted trends and advertising
  8. Measurement and ROI
    1. Metrics
    2. Twitter and Google Analytics
      1. Advanced filters
      2. What can you measure via Google analytics?
    3. A brief note about influence
  9. Resources and further reading
    1. Econsultancy reports
    2. Econsultancy articles
    3. External resources
  10. Twitter glossary

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