Understanding the customer journey is becoming an increasingly important requirement for marketers as the number of digital and offline touchpoints proliferate.

This report, carried out in partnership with ResponseTap and based on a global survey of nearly 2,000 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals, examines what companies are doing to map journeys and improve the overall customer experience across an array of different touchpoints, including interactions in the digital and physical worlds.

The report contains breakdowns of survey data between geographic regions and for B2B/B2C.

Features of the report 

This 45-page report focuses on these key themes:

  • How organisations are approaching the customer journey, and the extent to which they are prioritising this
  • The benefits of understanding the customer journey
  • How companies are mapping the customer journey across online and physical channels
  • Use of telephone tracking analytics to bridge the digital / physical divide
  • Understanding the ‘unknown customer’
  • Barriers to understanding and joining up the customer journey
  • Ownership of the customer journey

Key findings of the report 

  • A third of marketers are managing touchpoints in silos, while nearly two-fifths (38%) understand the customer journey ‘but have little management across touchpoints’.
  • The vast majority of companies say that profitability and increased revenue are a major benefit of understanding the customer journey.
  • Only a minority of organisations are using a variety of methods for joining up online and offline customer journeys, including loyalty schemes and point of sale data collection.
  • Two-thirds of companies have a call centre but less than half of these companies are using telephone call tracking analytics to connect online and offline.
  • Almost half of responding companies (47%) say that the digital part of the business is driving customer journey initiatives, twice the proportion of companies that say that offline drives this.