About this Guide

This guide aims to be the first step in a journey towards becoming an in-company expert in usability, which is central to the performance of your website.

You can use the guide to discover what usability is all about: how it works, how to manage it, what pitfalls you need to avoid and why an investment in it can be a very smart move.

But you should view this guide as a jumping-off point: Other reports we have published go into much more detail about usability.


The following topics are covered within this document:

  • What is usability?
  • How does usability work?
  • Why does usability matter?
  • Why should I bother with usability?
  • What is the opportunity cost of ignoring usability?
  • How do I measure usability?
  • Who manages usability?
  • Where do I start with usability?