This guide to mobile and web user experience (UX) best practice aims to cover all the key aspects of product design for desktop and mobile, and equip you with the tools and techniques that will work for your project to help you achieve clear, measurable business objectives.

It is aimed at a wide range of readers:

  • Newcomers to the topic, for whom we have tried to uphold the principles of good design ourselves by ensuring that everything in this guide is easy to understand, even with little prior knowledge.
  • People who have come across, or worked with, some of the principles of interaction design, for whom we hope there will be plenty to digest and think about, especially the evolving way that user experience principles are spreading throughout modern business. It could even be argued that they’re becoming part of the essential foundations of successful organisations.
  • Experts who want to update their knowledge and set their perspectives in context with other leaders.

The report contains some useful reflections on the state of UX as a discipline, including an overview of how organisations that are getting it right are organising their teams to build products that people like to use.

It’s also full of contributions from some of the top experts in usability and interaction design to help you anticipate what will be relevant to your organisation in the future.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this report:

  • Jane Austin, Director of Design and User Experience,
  • Hugo Cornejo, Head of Design, Monzo
  • Jonathon Moore, Chief Product Officer, Trainline
  • Kate Shaw, Freelance UX Consultant
  • Tom Wood, Founder and Managing Partner, Foolproof