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Digital Workshop: Using Social Media to Influence Influencers

By Econsultancy,

2013 is the year of going "beyond the like" to build deeper engagement, with successful brands leading the way in allowing (satisfied) customers to do the heavy lifting on their behalf. This Digital Workshop presentation includes slides and instructions for the audio replay of this session. Download for an intense hour of learning how to define, identify and build innovative influencer initiatives for your organization. Presented by Ana Garcia Doyle. 

Topics covered include:

  • Key 2013 Social Media Trends: Influencer Opportunities
  • Social Influencers
    • What makes an influencer?
    • Why engage influencers?
  • Identifying your Influencers
    • Identification tools
    • Validating credibility
    • Validating propensity to convert or influence conversion
    • Validating relevance to your category
  • Creating Influencer Invitations/Participatory Opportunities
  • Case Studies
  • Influencers and the Third Screen


  • Powerpoint Disabled Using Social Media to Influence Influencers: Digital Workshop (2.21 MB Microsoft PowerPoint)

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