Today the consumer voice has never been stronger. Social media channels can undoubtedly take much of the credit for this, and the internet has enabled an explosion in the volume of customer feedback data available. Consequently, brands and organisations have been on an aggressive path towards making their businesses ‘customer-centric’; listening more intently to customer feedback, and making the customer experience as positive as possible.

The Voice of the Customer research, carried out in association with Trustpilot, set out to discover what VoC means to businesses, how they are implementing it, and to outline some of the best practice approaches for building a VoC strategy.

The report is basd on in-depth interviews with senior-level executives working within ecommerce, online and marketing departments, from companies including Schuh, Tesco Mobile, Selfridges, AXA Insurance, Deckers Outdoor, News UK and Silver Star Brands.

What you’ll learn from this research

  • What does VoC currently mean to businesses, and why is it important?
  • How are brands implementing VoC, and how are the most visionary ones shaping up around it?
  • Which key tactics are businesses employing to gather VoC data?
  • What opportunities do VoC programmes present?
  • What are the best practice approaches for building a VoC strategy?

Key findings from the report

  • While most companies have successfully built the business case for VoC within their organisation, few have a formal strategy in place.
  • The biggest challenge to implementing a VoC programme is the cultural shift it requires.
  • Measurement of the impact of VoC programmes is one of the most lacking areas.
  • The most progressive businesses have taken VoC insights and used them to help acquire new customers and drive change within functions of the business outside of customer services.

Who should read this report?

This report is aimed and brands and organisations who want to use the insights that their customers are offering them through social media, reviews, call centres and in-store. It contains trends and best practice advice for those wanting to turn those insights into actionable business objectives through the use of a VoC programme.


Our thanks go to:

  • Ali Meckiffe, Multichannel Customer Director, AXA Insurance
  • Richard Russell, Director of Media Strategy and Marketing Technology, Deckers Outdoor
  • Sarah Smith, Head of Online and Mobile, Tesco Mobile
  • Stuart McMillan, Deputy Head of Commerce, Schuh
  • Ian MacDonald, Ecommerce Manager, Silver Star Brands
  • Beverly Mcintyre, Director of Member Services and Support, News UK
  • Claire Higgins, Head of Digital Marketing, Selfridges