Voice search is currently one of the hottest topics in marketing and technology. With sales of smart speakers booming, voice assistants becoming ever more featureful, and consumer habits changing, marketers are preparing for a revolution in search that seems just around the corner.

But how much of the hype around voice search is just that – hype? In 2019, we’re just one year away from the point at which 50% of searches are meant to be conducted via voice. In theory, we should be using voice search all the time – and many of the statistics claim that we do. Others are claiming that voice search usage is in decline. What is the real state of voice search in 2019 – and where is it going?

Econsultancy’s Trends Webinar for May 2019 looks at the global landscape of voice search and the technology that is driving it, as well as different scenarios for how it could evolve, and how marketers can take advantage of them. It will examine the limitations and opportunities inherent in voice as a form of search, and what this means for voice search – and voice marketing – now and in the future.

This webinar is facilitated by Econsultancy Deputy Editor, Rebecca Sentance.

Agenda points covered in this session:

  • An overview of the voice search landscape in 2019 and its major players
  • Facts and figures about voice search usage and trends
  • The technology behind voice search: mobile, smart speakers and digital assistants
  • The limitations and opportunities inherent in the “single answer” voice search format
  • Alexa Skills, Google Assistant Actions, and the state of voice commerce
  • The future of voice search: Where might it go, and what will that mean for marketing?


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