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Web Accessibility Guide

By Trenton Moss,

Compiled by user experience experts, this exclusive report provides companies with all they need to know about accessibility legislation. The 25-page guide includes a full breakdown of the key rules that websites need to comply with. Despite widespread confusion, these regulations have been in force for some time, so if you haven't yet thought about accessibility, now is the time to do so. Although websites now need to be legally compliant, it should be noted that an accessible website makes for a better web experience for all, while providing disabled users with the chance to log on and retrieve the information they need. There is a clear business advantage to improving access to your site. Overview of contents: 1) Web accessibility: An introduction
2) The law in the UK
3) How disabled users access the internet
4) Myths
5) How to... Web accessibility
6) Benefits - part 1: Increase in reach
7) Benefits - part 2: The business case
8) Ten basic accessibility tests
9) Further reading
The resources and links contained within the guide will help you get the job done without fuss. Well worth a read.


  • Pdf Disabled Web Accessibility Guide (315 KB PDF)

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