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Web Analytics - Roundtable Briefing, February 2006

By Econsultancy,

This is a summary of the discussion at Econsultancy’s February 2006 roundtable about Web Analytics (free access). Topics discussed included: conversion rates, conversion benchmarks, customer journey mapping, KPIs, testing and analytics for conversion rate optimisation, customer-centred analytics, integrating web statistics with CRM data, and ownership of web analytics within the business. Attendees to this roundtable included experts and practitioners from the following companies: Aboavista / Conversion Chronicles, RedEye, Alliance and Leicester, Royal Bank of Scotland, Applied Insights, Syzygy, BT, Target Marketing / Web Analytics Association, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Touch Clarity, esure, Wanadoo, Issel / Pilot Hitlist, WebTrends.