By 2025, it is forecast that 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will be via digital channels.  With the global B2B ecommerce market forecast to grow to $18.57tn by the end of 2026, huge opportunities exist for companies to digitally serve B2B customers.

Digital transformation of core business operations is now a top priority for companies yet continues to present strategic, tactical and technical challenges. This webinar will draw on key trends and findings from Econsultancy’s forthcoming Digital Transformation in B2B report and insights from Econsultancy’s own research and those shared by interviewees.

The webinar will examine:

  • The growth and acceleration of digital and self-serve.
  • They need to be customer-focused and create journey-based experiences enghanced by digital.
  • How B2B decision-makers are changing and expect personalisation, convenience and digital-first interactions. If technology and experiences do not meet expectations, they are quickly abandoned.
  • Why and how data transformation is one of the foundations of effective digital transformation.
  • The importance of content in driving brand awareness and engagement, and the need to target customers with a long-term lens by investing in brand marketing.
  • Why human transformation is at the core of digital transformation.


This webinar will be hosted by Econsultancy Senior Analyst, Lynette Saunders.

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