This webinar draws on the findings of Econsultancy’s brand new Best Practice report on Agility and Innovation to focus on providing marketers and innovators with practical ways to scale organisational and team agility. It will bring to life the key principles and techniques around agile practice and innovation but also how marketers can apply them to support learning fast at scale, and more agile leadership and culture. Key topics covered include:

  • In the midst of highly unpredictable and changing environments, how teams and organisations can apply Agile methodologies (with a big ‘A’) and agile principles (with a small ‘a’) to drive business agility.
  • The key conventions, ceremonies and tools can empower marketing and innovation teams through the sensible application of sprint working, agile reprioritisation techniques, transparency and velocity of work, and learning through regular review and retrospective
  • How teams can embed continuous innovation into the fabric of how they operate, and take a broad approach to innovating in multiple ways in order to help the business become an ‘ambidextrous organisation’, characterised by both exploiting existing advantage and exploring new territory
  • The challenges around application as agile scales, how to mitigate them and how to scale agile culture alongside practice and structures