With heightened customer expectations and continually shifting contexts amplified by the pandemic, there has never been greater reason for marketers to double down on customer experience strategy and execution. So what are the latest techniques, examples and approaches that can inspire and enable great CX strategy? This webinar draws on Econsultancy’s new report on best practice in Implementing CX Strategy and will cover:

  • The changing context for CX: how customer expectation is evolving and how technology is inspiring new customer-facing solutions and experiences.
  • CX Strategy best practice: covering what great omnichannel experience looks like, and how organisations can best resolve the challenges around CX to create exceptional customer engagement. The webinar will also look at the ever expanding role of data in CX practice.
  • Resourcing of CX: who owns CX in the business and the importance of agility and horizontal collaboration in execution.
  • Trends in CX: the key techniques and technologies creating new possibilities in CX including AI and automation, augmented reality, predictive modelling, and distributed ledger technologies.