Creating inclusive experiences benefits everyone – your business, your customers, your colleagues and society as a whole. This webinar focuses on neurodiversity, an area of inclusion that has not always commanded the strategic attention it deserves.

Designed specifically for marketers and digital experience professionals, this session covers both customer and employee experience. Drawing on Econsultancy’s original research, it offers practical advice on how your organisation, marketing and products can become more inclusive.

It covers:

  • The business case for neuroinclusion in the context of billions of dollars being lost every month due to a lack of accessible and inclusive digital experiences..
  • Best practice approaches to building inclusive customer experiences, products and content and how these can support better design as a whole.
  • How recruiting and supporting neurodivergent talent is a strategic advantage, key to the resilience of your organisation.
  • Your role in creating a more neuroinclusive world.

Hosted by Econsultancy Senior Analyst Rose Keen, this webinar accompanies Econsultancy’s Best Practice Guide to Neurodiversity and Digital Inclusion.