What Consumers Think About Influencer Marketing’ is published by Influencer Intelligence, in association with Econsultancy.

The report, which stems from a survey of 500 consumers in the US and UK aged 18 to 34, explores the attitudes and perceptions of young consumers towards digital influencers and follows on the heels of the Influencer Marketing 2020 report, which is a study of the digital marketer’s view on influencer marketing.

The way young people perceive digital influence is critical to the future of influencer marketing. Brands are aware that they are having to work harder and smarter than ever before to connect and engage with today’s youth, who are a savvy, forward-thinking generation, taking world issues and ethical matters seriously. In order for influencer marketing to keep pace, it needs to be sincere and tap into the areas of influence that really matter to this group of consumers.

Key findings include:

  • The majority of millennials have been influenced by a social media content creator.
  • 61% of consumers consider that influencers offer the biggest opportunity for new independent brands.
  • Consumers rank the authenticity of influencer content as their number one concern.
  • 54% of consumers agree that disclosures such as #ad and #spon do not diminish the credibility of content.


The report explores:

  • How influential social media content creators are.
  • The most important attributes of an influencer.
  • The value of micro and mid-tier talent.
  • Consumers’ concerns around influencer marketing.