Getting the cheapest deal possible is made easier online, but it’s not neccessarily what consumers are looking for. According to a new survey by Webcredible, reputation now counts more than price online.

The user experience consultancy found that 28% of the 1300 online shoppers polled are most likely to make a purchase based on the reputation of a website. That number was followed closely by price: 26% of consumers surveyed said that price was the most important factor when making a purchase.

But it proves that consumers are shopping with brands they trust online. And that leaves an opening for retailers to win new customers without simply cutting into their profit margins.

In addition, 16% of those surveyed said the look of a website and 15% said ease of use were the next most likely factors to persuade them to make a purchase.

4% of respondents said special offers would persuade them to make an online purchase, 3% chose delivery flexibility and 2% picked appearance on search listings as the key factor.

What does that mean for online retailers? Experience, trust and reliability matter.

Also interesting — only 5% of survey respondents said that none of these factors would persuade them to make an online purchase because they already knew what they wanted to purchase.

That means that consumers are open to smart marketing. And even as cheap offerings proliferate on the Internet, increasingly online, trust is becoming a more valuable commodity.

Image: Relationship Economy