As part of the Econsultancy / Foviance Multichannel Customer Experience Report, some 1,000 consumers were surveyed about their experiences when dealing with the banking industry.

Overall, it appears that when engaging with banking services, consumers have a far better experience using personal computers than any other touchpoint.

Using Toluna Quick, we found that 73% of respondents currently feel their overall experience when dealing with a bank is either “excellent” or “good”, but 83% cited these same experience ratings when it came to using a personal computer.

Image: How would you rate your most recent experience when using a desktop computer?

Tablets were also hard on the heels of this, with 71% of consumers rating their banking experience as “excellent” or “good” when using this particular type of technology. 

In comparison, just under three-quarters of respondents (74%) said that they had a “excellent” or “good” experience in-branch and 63%, when it came to using the telephone. 

Additionally, according to consumers, the most important attributes for a positive customer experience within banking is “efficient customer service”. Second was a “user-friendly and secure website”, followed by the competitive pricing of products. 

Image: In order to provide the best experience for you as a customer, what are the most important areas for your bank to focus on?

This echoes the overall findings of the consumer report, which covered multiple sectors, and found that the three most important attributes for a positive experience are ‘efficient customer service’, ‘low-priced products’ and ‘high quality products’. 

Consequently, customer service is definitely an area of focus for financial services, especially given that 69% of consumers would recommend a bank based upon the level of customer service they receive. 

Image: Would you be likely to recommend a bank based on good customer experience?