It seems that more and more brands are jumping on the responsive email design bandwagon lately.

And rightly so, Litmus announced this month that mobile opens reached a record high of 47%! They are also predicting that mobile opens will reach over 50% by the end of the year.

One trend that I’ve also recently started to notice and something I can see becoming much more popular in the near future is tablet optimization. This is achieved with media queries that specifically target the screen sizes of tablet devices or larger smartphones.

The Expedia and Playstation emails below are particularly good examples of how this should be done. 

We’re also starting to see marketers use media queries to display mobile specific content. One example of this is showing an Apple app store / Google Play icon when you view the email on a smartphone. I expect to see more and more brands use this technique in a wide variety of ways in the near future. 

So here are 10 of the best responsive email designs that I’ve seen in the last month.



Expedia Cruise Ships


Expedia has cleverly inserted this app store banner to the top of its email when viewed on a smartphone.

Although it can’t target Apple or Android users specifically with this technique, I still think it’s very effective as most subscribers will be using Apple or Android phones anyway. 

Harvey Norman

Joy the store

Map My Run

Mr Porter



Maybe this is to do with the release of the Playstation 4 but this email has four different variations of its header!