Restaurants are driving paying customers into stores using Facebook and tracking ROI to the penny. And here’s how…

At first glance, Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice campaign looks like a simple coupon promotion. But it’s actually a model for profitable use of social media. So how did the fast food Goliath use Facebook and track a financial ROI?

Burger King provided two layers of value to customers by offering a free Whopper to anyone who took a minute to “clean up” or purge unwanted friends from their Facebook account. The first was a free Whopper, and the second a better Facebook experience.

BUT… the action that earned the reward (free food) was one that customers already wanted to perform. They already wanted a better Facebook experience. They just lacked motivation.

Sure they wanted the free burger but they wanted a better experience more. And Burger King leveraged that idea into a way to  drive measurable sales… upsell and cross-sell “take rates,” for instance. (“would you like fries and a coke with that?”)

Burger King scored a victory, not because it put coupons into the hands of customers, anyone can do that on Facebook. BK ran a 100% trackable coupon-based campaign that was able to be analyzed on a profit-generation basis. Simply by engaging in direct response and measuring in-store behavior.

This short case study in the video teaches restaurant owners and employees how to create real, prove-able results with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Not “buzz” nor “conversation” nor “engagement” nor even preference. Sales. 

The action item from this is: What do your customers already want to do? And how can you use that to your advantage via social media? Can you give your customers an incentive to do something they already want to do?

Can this lead them toward a purchase or re-purchase they’re already inclined to make? How can you improve their experience, with anything, and serve your own needs too?