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Econsultancy's Sarah Howson explains retail media.

Take a deep dive into retail media with Econsultancy’s new learning plan, ‘Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity’

Econsultancy has just expanded its Ecommerce Deep Dive learning content with a new learning plan, Optimising the Retail Media Opportunity, which explores how marketers and advertisers can best exploit retail media as part of their overall marketing mix.

Retail Media Best Practice Guide

 ‌ Retail media can help brands reach in-market customers near the point of sale. This guide looks in-depth at the retail media opportunity, with best practice advice on strategy, campaign execution and measurement.

Webinar: Retail Media

This webinar draws on Econsultancy’s new Retail Media Best Practice Guide, capturing the key opportunities and the optimal strategies that marketers and ecommerce practitioners can make the most of in this emerging area.

The webinar covers:

  • The retail media landscape
  • Retail media strategy
  • Retail media execution
  • The future of retail media

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