Richard Edelman, CEO of PR heavyweight Edelman, is holding a Q&A session later today via on the joy-filled subjects of ‘blogs and PR’.

Richard maintains a blog and as a PR veteran he should have some interesting things to say on the challenges and opportunities presented by the blogosphere.

You can ask him a question, but be quick – he’ll start answering these at 3PM today.

I asked Richard four questions, some of which I have some fairly strong views on (see my post called 12 reasons why UK business don’t blog):

1. How would you sell the benefits of launching a blog to a CEO who has little experience of using the online channel?

2. Do you have any insight on why European companies aren’t adopting blogs as fast as their peers in the US?

3. Do traditional PR companies need to change their charging model, to better reflect the various benefits that comes with online PR?

4.How do you measure ROI from PR coverage in blogs?

If you work for a client-side organisation and start blogging we’d love to know about it. Equally, we’re keen to receive case studies on blog-focused PR campaigns. Get in touch via