Twitter ad-on

At one point or another, we’ve all seen an ad or Promoted Tweet in our feed. While monetization is necessary for business, Twitter is one of the channels that advertises, for the most part, in a visually non-disruptive manner. In the beginning up until a couple of days ago, Tweet content has only been one of the factors Twitter used in shaping its interest graph. Yesterday, the new feature that allows keyword targeting in timelines has been added to the Twitter Ads UI and Ads API for every language and every market in which Twitter Ads are supported.

Twitter Ads

Now Twitter advertisers can better target their ads not only by Tweet content, they can go ahead and better advertise based on intent. In the closest-as-possible if not actually real-time Twitterverse, this ability is a major strength in serving the needs of a consumer in a timely manner and creates a closer link between social activity and purchasing power.

Those in search of a more direct form of social ROI are sure to enjoy this new feature. More importantly, this version of keyword targeting will not change the user experience. The frequency of ads shown will remain the same and users will still be able to dismiss Promoted Tweets that they find irrelevant. The aim is to increase the relevancy of Tweets and this is, at the very least, a step in the right direction.

Please note: let’s leave all references of this new service ranging from necessary addition to intelligent decision to attempt to take part of Google’s advertising market share in the comment below, shall we?

Beat the drum

Strum the guitar. Scratch the record. No matter what type of music you’re into, Twitter #music is poised to help you discover new and popular music based on Tweets and Twitter engagement. Additionally, this service puts recording artists’ music-related Twitter activity at the forefront creating additional engagement opportunities between musician and artist.

music dot twitter

Sourced by iTunes, Spotify and Rdio, Twitter users can log into their accounts and enjoy the full track from the desktop or iPhone App. Other features of #music include:

  • navigating the #NowPlaying hashtag to see what songs are being tweeted by the artists and others you follow;
  • tapping artist’s avatars for more information, top songs and following;
  • listening to your favorite artists’ favorite artists; and
  • share the music that you’re listening to in a seamless manner (of course).

These four #music attributes will surely be of interest to anyone involved in the business of music because of the marketing opportunities availed by these touchpoints. Collaboration and crowdsourcing are likely the first social activities that will take place through #music.

Now that we’re all caught up with Twitter’s newest service offerings, let us all create, discover and monitor ways in which the market(s) will find good use. It should be very interesting.