Photo widget company RockYou has partnered with visual shopping and image search site to find clothes that are similar to those worn in its photo slideshows., launched at the end of last year, uses image search technology to find bags, clothes and shoes that are similar to those shown in images. If, for instance, you enter a picture of a bag, will return similar images with prices and details from online retailers.

RockYou has been experiencing success with its photo slideshows, and has recently created a number of popular widgets for Facebook, as well as launching an ad network on the site.’s image search will integrate into RockYou’s slideshows, so that users viewing slideshows will be shown images of similar clothing, with the option of purchasing from’s partner retailers.

The results are only been shown alongside slideshows on the RockYou website at the moment, as most social networks prevent advertising. It is unclear whether the feature will be rolled out to RockYou’s Facebook widgets.

According to TechCrunch, is getting $0.80 CPM (40p) on slideshow pages, sharing the revenue with RockYou.