Rose Keen

About Rose Keen

Rose Keen is an author and research manager at Econsultancy, where she helps deliver industry-leading research for the digital marketing industry.

With over 10 years of media and business strategy experience, she has worked across a wide range of industries from automotive and consumer electronics to food and fashion. Her particular interest is the intersection between consumer behaviour, cultural shifts and technology.

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Digital Transformation Monthly – March 2021

1. Introduction For retailers, the continued shift to online shopping is driving the development of new products and technological innovation. This edition of Digital Transformation Monthly covers just two prime examples; Nestlé’s expansion of its ecommerce portfolio through the acquisition of SimplyCook, and Gap’s investment in a new $140m distribution centre to aid online fulfilment. […]

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Career and Salary Survey Report 2021

1. Introduction The annual Career and Salary Survey Report published by Econsultancy in partnership with its sister brand Marketing Week is the industry’s most in-depth census of marketing careers and salaries in the UK. For the last seven years, the Econsultancy and Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey has provided a snapshot of marketing as […]

Learning from a Crisis Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction The global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had an unprecedented impact, affecting almost every aspect of daily life. Measures taken to slow the spread of the virus around the world have brought with them remarkable economic losses. The full economic impact of the crisis is at this stage unknown, but projections of the cost […]

Modern Marketing Job Descriptions

1. Introduction Modern marketing requires new skills for the digital age. As new technologies and channels have emerged and digital transformation has become a priority for organisations across all locations, sizes and industries, the demand for expertise in the likes of data, analytics, customer experience, content and personalisation has increased. With this demand often outstripping […]