With the Royal Mail strike going ahead today and tomorrow, there will naturally be some doubt in customers’ minds over whether their online purchases will arrive on time, or at all.

Those online retailers that have made alternative arrangements for deliveries, or who don’t rely on Royal Mail anyway, can do a lot to reassure customers with some timely messaging on their websites. So how are etailers communicating this information to visitors?

I think the key here is, if you’re deliveries will be unaffected by the strike, to let customers know about this as clearly as possible to offer reassurance

Having looked at some well known online retailers, most have put messages on their homepages to make it clear that it is business as usual, though HMV and Play.com are two that haven’t done this.

As for the rest, I think a clear message, above the fold, that is easily spotted, should do much to ease customer concerns about placing orders.

Here are some examples:

John Lewis

Above the fold, but could stand out more…


M&S has placed the message where its free delivery offer normally is, which makes sense. It also links to a page which makes it very clear that everything is alright:

Tesco Direct

The information is there on the Tesco Direct site, but it could be made clearer:


A thick red band on the homepage reassures visitors that their orders will arrive as usual. It stands out from the rest of the page and communicates this information effectively: 


Webtogs has made alternative arrangements to deal with the threat of strike, probably at some cost to its bottom line, so it makes sense to make this clear to customers.

The information is there, right at the top of the homepage, where the free delivery offer is normally displayed:


With a clear message right in the middle of its homepage, Amazon customers will be in no doubt about deliveries: